Life For A Life

lifeforlife“Life for a Life” and “Mani the Woman of Courage” are a part of anthologies where each story helped win awards. But the credit I can take is the publishers picked my stories which made me the only Asian woman and Indian in the collections. This is not easy but not impossible. Most of my stories are woman-centric because any amount of show casing them is never enough. Her journey, full of challenges, when addressed brings out more and more aspects of a woman and womanhood. That is why it is a popular subject which can never be boring. [for the public???] The Stree-Shakti is always there and unfolds every time a woman rises to her varied challenges. Adversities are her true friends which bring out the best in her in all her roles. Mani and Simmi in Life For a Life are not rare. They can be identified very easily.