Book Launch Invitation

Book Launch Invitation

Joint launch of the writer couple Sesh Rao Damerla author of short stories and DVR Rao. Books to be launched are Tania’s Treasure Trove India from the perspective of a young girl whose parents are Immigrants. Her journey of exploration is extremely gripping and highly enjoyable.

DVR Rao launches his book Through the glass  ceiling  a unique and nail biting corporate fight between an Indian company and an American one in a foreign country. It is a one of it’s kind theme full of high drama in the corporate world.

Book lovers and authors of Visakhapatnam please make it convenient to join us. Promise you it will be well worth it.




Exhilarating! Thought provoking! Fun filled! Book launch at JustBooks Kharkhana.

TANIA’s TREASURE TROVE and DARPAN, penned by Mrs. Sesh Damerla and THROUGH THE GLASS CEILING written by Mr. #DVRRao were launched at JBK on April 22nd, 2018.

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Tania’s Treasure Trove

SeshRaoTalks to Indian community who have either stayed in US and/or have their children born and brought up there. (Part-4). TaniaTreasureTrove, a fictional book by Sesh Damerla releases Nov 2017.

Tania lands in India

Missed her? No worries…
You can meet her again on 16th Dec 2017 at Crossword Phoenix Mall Viman Nagar (11:30 am to 12:45 pm)